What Is the Statue of the Gangnam Pension Office?


If you have heard about the Gangnam Pension Office or the famous “goddess in blue” perhaps you are interested in learning more about this mythical figure. 강남키스방 She is said to be a statue that was dedicated in honor of a member of the special unit that guards the Gangnam airport. You can also find the statue outside the National Assembly building.

When you are visiting the main office building, you will notice that the entrance has a statue that looks very much like the “goddess in blue”. It is an exact replica. However, if you take a closer look, you will find that it is about ten centimeters taller than the statue in front of the national assembly. The statue stands on a pedestal in front of a statue of Kim Young-ok, who is said to be the head of the special security division.

Actually, this statue is not a complete statue. It is said that it is supposed to stand alone but due to the construction works and other reasons, the statue was put on a pedestal. After this, they decided to make it a special statue because the statue was not an official one.

The statue of the Gangnam pension office was dedicated in honor of a member of the special unit that guards the Gangnam airport. His name is Kim Young-ok. He was assigned to guard the area where the statue is situated.

There are even some rumours that says that the statue is actually made of concrete which was meant to act as a cover for the statue when it was originally made. However, the statue is still there and is very popular among visitors and onlookers alike.

The Maid Office Building is actually located in a small area in the Gangnam district and some of the residents go out of their way to pay respect to the statue. They decorate the statue by placing flowers and plant life on it.

This is one of the most visited tourist spots in the district because of the presence of a famous Japanese actress. She is known as Ms. Naoko Mori. It is important to note that the statue is believed to be a reproduction of the real Ms. Mori.

The statue is very popular because many foreigners who come to Korea to visit it. The real Ms. Mori even visited the Maid Office Building to pay her respects to the statue. However, it was during the night and since she did not want to disturb anyone, she just put some water on the statue before leaving.