The Latest Health Concern About The Ebola Virus Disease Affecting Minorities

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the first confirmed case of a virus that causes the Ebola Virus Disease on October 23, 2020. This was published on a “Nightly Epidemiological News” which is designed to be published only after the news about the latest statistics about the outbreak is reported. So many times CDC makes such serious mistakes when reporting the number of people affected by an epidemic – especially during a very serious disease outbreak that kills thousands of people.

The Virus Infects Newborn Babies, before Killing Adults: This was a serious setback since no one knew exactly how the virus infects newborn babies until now. Therefore, there is very limited information about the new cases of this virus affecting minorities.

It appears that even though most of the symptoms of the disease are more or less similar in a majority of the patients, some persons who were infected and show symptoms in the general public, may be infected with another strain of the virus, which has not yet been identified. Therefore, if the patients who are displaying symptoms of the disease are indeed infected with a strain other than the one that affected the general public, the disease may not be as widespread as the CDC would like the public to believe.

Not All Victims Of The Virus Show Severe Symptom: Unfortunately, many of the victims of the disease who are in intensive care units in hospitals, have more severe symptoms that the general public does. Corona virus Some are showing symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and severe weakness. In these situations, a physical examination and testing are necessary to determine if the disease is indeed spread by touch, inhalation of infected respiratory droplets, or coming into contact with body fluids of an infected person.

Many Injured Victims Of The Outbreak Will Be Able To Recover And Return To Work: Since the only way to know the infection source of the disease is through direct contact with an infected person, we must assume that all those who are admitted to the hospitals for treatment of their ailments will recover and be able to return to work in a few days. However, the doctors do not know how many of the victims will not recover and will go on to develop an immune deficiency syndrome after being treated with the virus, causing them to die.

Most Of The Cases Of The Virus Are Unreported: As mentioned above, many victims of the disease are in the intensive care units of hospitals and therefore the doctors do not know how many will develop immunity to the virus, causing them to die. Therefore, the doctors do not report this information to the CDC, meaning the statistics about the illness are very incomplete and inaccurate.

Media Has Distorted The Facts: When the virus was first discovered in the community, the media made much of the fact that the people who were infected showed symptoms that were similar to the symptoms of seasonal flu. However, the only way to identify the virus is through direct contact with an infected person, so the media had to make this comparison.

Further Studies Needed To Discover The Cause Of The Virus: There are still many unknowns about the virus. The CDC is therefore unsure how to contain this disease, especially since the current outbreak of the virus affects mostly adults.