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Free Content Generator : What this plugin is designed to do is to solve two big problems that people have with their websites. The two problems are content and authority. Generally speaking people don’t have good quality content for their website and even if they do have good quality content. They don’t have the authority in order to get clicks to your CPA offers or to your affiliate offers that you have on your website. You’d have to have authority the user has to be able to trust you and they have to believe that what you’re saying is good information. If they don’t trust you and they don’t believe in you they’re not going to click on your affiliate or cpa links and you’re not going to get any sales. Jacke jacker is designed to solve both of those problems and also use social media to be able to get traffic to your site as well. And let me show you exactly how it works?

Some Tips ForĀ Free Content Generator

  • I’m going to do is go over to .
  • I’m gonna search for articles and websites that are related to how to lose weight.
  • So I’ll just go ahead and type in how to lose weight in here and after doing a little bit of searching.
  • I found this article that I really like it’s by health comm so what I’m gonna do now is go over here and I’m gonna go up to my nav bar and I’m gonna copy and paste the URL for this article.
  • After I got the URL I’m gonna go and head back over to my WordPress admin area and I’m gonna click on the Jacke jacker plugin which I’ve already installed
  • And I’ll load up the plugin alright so the next thing I want to do now is click on create new jack it’s gonna ask me for a couple of settings.
  • The first thing it’s going to ask me for is the WordPress page that I want to use and I’m going to use the one that I just created the How to Lose web page.
  • If I wanted to use a different one I could just select a different one from this drop-down but I particularly created this page for this demo.
  • So I’m going to use that page the next thing it’s going to ask me for is a Jacke title and that is just for me so I could remember what it’s for I’m going to just call it Brett’s test it’s going to ask me for the URL that I want to Jack.
  • I’m going to go ahead and type it in there it’s going to ask me for a bar color and I’m going to pick blue and it’s going to ask me for bar text now this is where I’m going to put in my call to action text.
  • This is the text that I want people to click on which will then lean over to an affiliate offer or a CPA offer or something related to how to lose weight that’s going to get me a commission.
  • It’s gonna ask me for the length URL and then of course is going to be my affiliate link or my CPA link or wherever I want people to go after they click this bar text so I’m just going to use Google for a demonstration.
  • And then I’ll click Save now.

Free Content Generator:

Stay in view so if they try to scroll and read the article. It doesn’t go away now this looks like health calm, but if you look up here. You can actually see it’s my testing block. Now there have been other plugins and other software’s linked that do this before. But this one is unique in that it does not use iframes there this is not an iframe. I’m not just a framing and health coms website this is actually putting the content on your website. I’m gonna say check out these great tips. I only want myself to see this so I’ll go ahead and click on the post button and you can see now it says check out these great tips on how to lose weight. It has the health come all the graphics all of the text. It even says health comm underneath it but watch what happens. When I click on it it’s not going to health comm it’s going to my page with the jack’d site on it showing my call to action bar on it.