Bedless Bed Design: Comfy & Cozy!

The bedroom is a private space that requires the right personalization to suit the character and personality of the owner. A comfortable bedroom, designed as unique as the owner’s personality, will certainly be one of the most pleasant areas to live in. So, special planning and arrangement is needed so that this room has a maximum level of comfort.

Regarding the comfort of Wine storage cabinet, many people think that this is synonymous with a large room. However, in reality it is not like that. The opinion which states that comfort can only be obtained from a large area, is not entirely true.

It is undeniable, a medium, small, or even tiny bedroom will feel cramped and cramped. Especially if the decoration and choice of design style used is not right. However, with a maximum arrangement, a small bedroom can also be “conjured” to be more beautiful, unique, and attractive.

One of the easiest ways to get around a small bedroom is to get rid of the bed.
A bedroom without a bed can make the room area feel more spacious and airy.

Mattresses without beds that look simple are also in great demand because they have several advantages. One of them is being able to reduce the budget without reducing the required aesthetic value.

You just put the mattress just like that, without the hassle of choosing and using the bed. The interior of a small bedroom will not be burdened with a bed, which in some cases is certain to take up too much space.

Advantages of Bed without Bed

Well, in addition to reducing your budget for a bed, here are some other advantages of the bedless model:

Spacious Impression with Bed Model without Bed

A bed that does not use a bed will make its height low. This will make the distance between the floor and the ceiling appear very high so that the room feels more spacious.
Designing a bedroom interior without using a bed, or designing it to have a low height, makes a small bedroom feel more spacious.
Doesn’t “Eat” A Lot of Place

Another advantage of using a mattress without a bed is that it doesn’t take up too much space.
With enough space available, you can take advantage of unused areas in the bedroom for decorations that can display more of an aesthetic impression.

Aesthetics are very necessary so that the bedroom can look visually attractive.

Bedless Beds: Cozy & Unique

Placing a mattress without a bed has an impression that is not only comfortable, but also cozy.

Easy to Clean

By minimizing the use of a lot of furniture in the room, cleanliness will always be maintained properly.

The principle is, the less the use of goods, the easier it is to carry out maintenance. For those of you who are super busy, of course this is very useful, right? Remember, minimalism!

It is true what wise people say, simplicity will always bring happiness.
The design of a bed without a bed is one of the best ways, a simple way, and a minimalist lifestyle practice that prioritizes simplicity in order to achieve this happiness

How to Decorate a Bedroom to Help Get Quality Sleep

The bedroom is often the part of the house that gets the least attention when it comes to interior design. In fact, a third of our lives are spent there.

Most of us seem to spend more money and energy on decorating ‘public’ areas such as; kitchen area, living room and or family room.

The interior concept, however, has come a long way. Nowadays, the desire to use more decorations in the bedroom is starting to take precedence. This is none other than aiming to get a better quality of sleep.

That is why, decorating the bedroom to get the best atmosphere in the room is very important.
Here are some things that we need to pay attention to so that the atmosphere of the room can really help get quality sleep.


To achieve comfort and serenity in the bedroom, according to some professional architects, it’s all a matter of getting back to basics; a matter of space circulation, space zoning, as well as furniture arrangement that can be done properly.

Designers and architects recommend choosing a bed with legs. In addition, try to eliminate or minimize all other functions of the bedroom space other than just sleeping and resting.
Even if you can, eliminate and do not unite the function of the bedroom that is integrated with the wardrobe area, or related to dressing, grooming, and so on.

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Choice of decoration style

The choice of room decoration style that is considered the most capable of creating a comfortable and soothing space is the zen interior concept.

Zen interiors are considered the most conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. However, in some cases, many designers recommend switching away from zen and incorporating more elements of color and pattern to lift the mood and create a calming atmosphere.

Likewise interior designers who specialize in designing hotel rooms. They suggest layered designs to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Texture is key to achieving this, and fabrics are an integral part of the process towards a super comfortable space atmosphere.

Maximal style bedroom

If you are getting bored with the appearance of a clean room but feels stiff, maybe now is the time to switch to a colorful and maximum look in the bedroom.

Play with lots of contrasting patterns, colors, textures, and accents that combine, into one vibrant and very aesthetic look. The maximalist interior style for the bedroom space can be an alternative to rediscover the warmth and pleasant atmosphere in this private area.

Some people even believe that the choice of colors and materials is closely related to well-being, whether it is for bedding, bed linen, pillows, to several other design elements that can create a lively and beautiful atmosphere.

The bedroom is indeed the time to get more attention and is equal to decorating ideas for shared spaces or other communal spaces in the house. Because, believe it or not, the concept of interior and bedroom decoration is closely related to the goal of getting a better sleep quality.